Winter 23/24 - Representation Theory II - Spaces In Geometric Representation Theory

This is the course website for the lecture course Representation Theory II in Winter 2023/24.


We study the geometry of some spaces that play an important role in the (geometric) representation theory of complex reductive groups and Lie algebras.
The course is about the classification, structure and representation theory of complex reductive algebraic groups. We focus on the geometry of flag varieties and related spaces, with a special attention to Schubert varieties.


Lecture Notes

Preliminary lecture notes can be found here.


Some sources that the course is based on:



There are two lectures per week:

Wednesday 10-12, Room: Großer Hörsaal,
Friday 12-14, Room: Zeichensaal.

Problem session

Additionally, there will be a problem session:

Wednesday 14-16, Room: 0.006.


There will be exercise problems posed in the lectures.

Everyone is encouraged to present their solutions on the blackboard during the problem session. You should do this at least once.


There will be an oral exam at the end of the semester. More information on the dates will follow.