Summer 2021 - S4A2 - Graduate Seminar - Geometric Representation Theory of Weyl Groups

This is the course website for the S4A2 - Graduate Seminar - Geometric Representation Theory of Weyl Groups in Summer 2021.


Jens Eberhardt (jens at math dot uni bonn de)


The preliminary meeting took place on Wednesday, 3rd of March, 3pm on Zoom. (Please send me an email to get an invitation link!).

If you want to be added to the mailing list Please send me an email.

The seminar takes place every Tuesday 4:15-5:45pm on Zoom.


A preliminary program can be found here. There will be the following talks:

  1. Semisimple Lie-Algebras and Flag Varieties, April 13, Maximilian Lukas Höfling
  2. The Universal Resolution, April 20, Nico Wolf
  3. Nilpotent Cone, April 27, Rein Janssen Groesbeek
  4. Steinberg Variety, May 4, Fernando Pena
  5. Borel-Moore homology, May 11, Junyan Liu
  6. Convolution, May 18, Tanja Helme
  7. Lagrangian Construction of the Weyl group, June 1, David Cueto Noval
  8. General Springer Theory, June 8, Aaron Wild
  9. Springer Fibers for SLn, I, June 15, Xiaoxiang Zhou
  10. Springer Fibers for SLn, II, June 22, Daniel Bermudez
  11. Basic properties of (equivariant) K-theory, June 29, Jiaxi Mo
  12. Equivariant K-theory of Flag varieties, July 6, Liao Wang
  13. Affine Weyl Groups and Equivariant K-theory, July 13, Noah Schaumburg
  14. Representations of p-adic groups, July 20, Mingyu Ni